Friday, 19 February 2016

My Valentine Pictures

Late post !! But I just can't keep It to myself.
It's a well acclaimed notion that the right colours for Valentines day/celebration of love is red !!! Yea right. A lovely colour yet not so easy to put together.

In trying to spice up the colour red, the next colour that comes to mind is white for such a lovey dovey day.

A well combined outfit always turns out looking Muuaaah,but if u aint sure PLEASE DONT TRY to be on the safe side.

A sneak peek at this lovely pictures taken by our own comedian/Actress Eniola Badmus,she was just tooo hot to notice any chillies.

Big bold and beautiful,nothing more nothing less,I trust that you admire her Valentine swag,coz I'm sure this must have cost her alot,LOVELY.

Aha,for me i just wanted to be on the safe side and decided to wear something that I will not to go all wrong in, and I came up with this,don't laugh at me.just encourage your gal by sharing your taughts.I believe that red is such  a lovely colour..............Yep.Next valentine is surely a target hoping to look like Eniola LOL

My Outfit details
Shoe:    Anne Michelle

That was the only red I had,I hope I tried small,please send in your Valentine Pictures,I will be more than glad to share.

Plenty of love from Me to You

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