Tuesday, 13 October 2015

ME ME!!!!!!!! Intro

My name is Mba Ezinne, female,a barrister, fashion blogger and a proud Nigerian.

I am glad to own a blog on fashion,this inspiration stemmed from my love for fashion and seeing beautiful pieces in the fashion world both for the men,women, ladies and kids.

Trust me I like to appreciate cloths that are well designed and fit in the right places when worn, not living out the fact that I can long for lovely accessories too,coz it completes a look.

I've always wished that I make every piece I wear on me ranging from my cloths to shoes,handbags infact errting, that is still in sight, as I've learnt in bits some of the pieces that gives credence to a good look.

You win my heart intoto once you come out looking dapper..... the possibility of looking at you and forgetting myself can be there you know SMH.

Fashion in general costs so much,but a few affordable pieces can do the trick, that is not to say spending some mills to look good is not a good idea, just do your best with what you can afford.

I haven't gotten there  yet,still far far behind but A little here and there will do the magic in time to come............ here's a bit of me.

This blog would be a clear platform  for expressing fashion ideas from people's different point of view,  we all need to be on the know of what the latest fashion trend is, it wouldn't be soo nice to go out in a clothing dat you feel so on point in,just for people to be starring at you as if you just borrowed  a neighbour's cloth out.

Feel free to send in your cute pics if you wish to be featured in the blog and leave your comments too,it gladens my heart.

Much love......

bringing you fashion style tips.

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